US Taekwondo Academy
Health & Fitness

Our sole purpose is to teach students from all walks of life martial arts for self defense and self improvement in a friendly and safe environment. USTA teaches self-defense for all ages, including a full training program of Japanese Jujitsu self defense, Arnis, TaeKwonDo, & Kenjitsue (Japanese Samurai Sword). Unlike many martial artists who have only studied one discipline, Master Atoun and Master Alsharif are fortunate to have been exposed to a variety of styles and can offer an unbiased comparison. When people ask us why we teach various styles of Martial Arts, we answer, "Simply because, one style of martial arts does not work for all situations!?". We offer a much more honest service by teaching skills that actually hold up under pressure, and we do it while sharing the physical fitness and positive character benefits for which martial arts training has become famous.