Village Kids Club at The Village at Allen is our kids club geared towards children ages 3 – 12. 

Most events are FREE and open to all children and Village Kids Club members receive great benefits including:

  • A virtual Village Kids Club membership card
  • Exclusive Village Kids Club events with early access to community events
  • Discounted rates for birthday parties at The Village at Allen participating entertainment partners
  • Discount at participating retailers at The Village at Allen 

Membership is just $5 a year per child and renewable annually. 

Village Kids Club Members-Only Discounts

  • 10% discount for birthday parties and 30% discount gameplay for memberships for Village Kids Club members only.
  • Yumilicious – 10% off purchase for Village Kids Club members only. 
  • Freebirds World Burrito - 5% off purchase for Village Kids Club members only. 

*Subject to change and applicable expiration dates determined by retail stores. Ask stores for complete details.

 Online Payment Accepted Here

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Village Kids Terms and Conditions

This AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) setting forth the terms and conditions of membership in Village Kids is made between The Village at Allen, LP (collectively, "The Village at Allen") and you as the parent or legal guardian (“you”) of each child you enroll in Village Kids. WITNESSETH: 1. Annual Enrollment Fee Village Kids enrollment fee is nonrefundable and is payable annually for each child you enroll in Village Kids. You will receive a numbered membership card, which must be presented in order to participate in certain Village Kids promotions or events. 2. Benefits You shall receive, upon initial enrollment, a Village Kids t-shirt or other comparable premium for each child you enroll in Village Kids. Your child will receive a birthday email during the month of his/her birthday, which will contain a coupon or voucher redeemable for a gift at the Mall Management Office. You will also receive notification of special Village Kids activities, events, and programs together with notification of discounts or offers from The Village at Allen/or its retailers and marketing partners, made available specifically to Village Kids members. 3. Possible Future Changes Or Termination The Village at Allen reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time without notice. The Village at Allen also reserves the right to terminate, in whole or in part, Village Kids and to cancel this Agreement at any time upon written notice and in such event shall have no further obligation hereunder. 4. Use Of Information: Change Of Address The Village at Allen will use your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information you provide, including your child’s gender and age (but not his/her name or actual date of birth),when you enroll your child in Village Kids (collectively, “Your Information”) for operating and administering Village Kids. Your Information also will be used to communicate with you about Village Kids activities, events, and programs and about discounts or offers made available specifically to Village Kids members, which may be of interest to you. Please advise The Village at Allen of any change of address, telephone number, or e-mail address. The Village at Allen will only use your child’s name and actual date of birth (collectively, “Child’s Information”) for purposes of sending out the birthday email referred to in Section 2. 5. Limitation Of Liability THE VILLAGE AT ALLEN DOES NOT MAKE ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES SOLD OR INORMATION DELIVERED OR PROVIDED TO YOU, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE PURSUANT TO APPLICABLE LAW: THE VILLAGE AT ALLEN SHALL NOT, IN ANY EVENT OR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, AND IN NO EVENT SHALLTHE MAXIMUM LIABILITY OF THE VILLAGE AT ALLEN TO YOU AND/OR ANY THIRD PARTY CLAIMING THROUGH YOU, RELATING TO OR ARISING OUT OF THE OPERATION, ADMINISTRATION, OR TERMINATION OF VILLAGE KIDS OR THIS AGREEMENT EXCEED THE FURTHER, AND WITH RESPECT TO ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROVIDED OR SOLD TO YOU BY A THIRD-PARTY RETAILER OR MARKETING PARTNER, THE VILLAGE AT ALLEN SHALL NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY TO YOU AS A SELLER OF ANY PRODUCTS OR VENDOR SERVICES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. 6. Intellectual Property All Village Kids and The Village at Allen designs, text, images, photographs, illustrations, artwork, graphic material, or other copyrightable elements, the selection and arrangements thereof, and Village Kids and The Village at Allen & The Village at trademarks, service marks, and trade names are the property of The Village at Allen, LP and/or its or their subsidiaries, affiliates, assigns, licensors, or other respective owners and are protected, without limitation, pursuant to U.S. and foreign copyright and trademark laws. 7. Miscellaneous This Agreement contains the entire understanding and supersedes all prior understanding of the parties hereto relating to the subject matter hereof and cannot be changed or terminated orally. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable, the Agreement will be deemed curtailed to the extent necessary to make it legal and enforceable and will remain, as modified, in full force and effect. This Agreement and the respective rights and obligations of the parties hereunder

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