Big Blue Swim School- NOW OPEN!


Big Blue Swim School offers weekly, year-round 30 to 45-minute swim lessons for children beginning at just three months old, seven days a week.

Come see why Big Blue Swim School is different than other swim schools!

We have 90-degree, ultra-clean water, a comfortable viewing, plenty of private changing rooms, fall-proof, anti-microbial flooring throughout the facility, and free Wi-Fi. 

Big Blue Swim School offers an unparalleled swim lesson experience made easier and more effective by professional instructors, proprietary technology and curriculum, and family-friendly facilities.

Big Blue creates and celebrates Big Moments in the pool, which lead to kids learning they can achieve anything in life.

We have clean, modern facilities; exceptional instructors; and a commitment to empowering kids for a lifetime of water enjoyment.

Register for classes today!